• To provide an electronic option for submitting documents to the Navajo Nation Office of Management & Budget (OMB) by allowing for scanned documents to be e-mailed to OMB using docs@omb.navajo-nsn.gov

  • To reduce travel expenses and improve processing times associated with submitting documents to the NN Office of Management & Budget located at Admin. Bldg #1, Window Rock, Arizona.

  • Hand delivered documents submitted to OMB will continue to be an option.


  • These procedures shall apply to all NN programs by allowing the submittal of documents for OMB processing via e-mail.

  • These procedures apply to all documents that require review and processing by the NN Office of Management & Budget.


These procedures are administratively enforced by the OMB pursuant to the enumerated authorities contained in OMB's enabling legislation and Plan of Operation, CAP-17-02 and
GSCAU-50-02, respectively.


  1. OMB will only accept scanned and e-mailed copies of signed documents which require OMB review and/or approval. All documents will still require proper signatures and adherence to document requirements.

  2. Documents must be properly completed and have all the required signatures. Any supporting documents and/or calculations must also be included. Unauthorized and/or incomplete submittals will be returned to the program for correction.

  3. OMB will accept scanned and emailed signed documents from the navajo-nsn.gov domain or any other Navajo Nation e-mail domain. OMB will not accept documents emailed from other non-Navajo email domains such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, etc. Contact the NN Department of Information Technology to obtain a navajo-nsn.gov email address.

  4. OMB will only accept scanned and emailed signed documents from the appropriate Program, Department and/or Division Director. One administrative staff member can also be included. Department Directors must inform OMB in writing of who the designated administrative staff member will be.

  5. Enter the type of document being electronically submitted in the Subject Line of the email.


    Examples include:

    • Budget Revision Request
    • Proposed FY Budget
    • 2 NNC '164/SAS Review
    • FMIS Account/Budget Set-Up
    • Contract Modifications
    • Etc.

  6. All documents must be emailed to docs@omb.navajo-nsn.gov. Do not email documents directly to OMB staff.

  7. Certain processes may require the submittal of original signed document(s). OMB will inform the program on a case by case basis.

  8. Once the document is processed by OMB, an electronic scanned transmittal will be emailed back to the program to the initial transmitter. Along with a scanned/signed copy of the document processed by OMB.

  9. The effective date of this process will be June 15, 2015.


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